Bui Vien Walk Street – No Sleep Street

Bui Vien Walk Street – No Sleep Street

Bui Vien Street is also called the backpacker’s street of Ho Chi Minh City. Here you will find many cheap restaurants, bars, souvenir shops, hotels and hostels. What Khao San Road is for Bangkok is Bui Vien for Ho Chi Minh City.

The total backpacker area of ​​Ho Chi Minh City consists of approximately four streets and a few small interconnected alleys. Because this is the heart of the city center (district 1), it is easy to reach on foot or by taxi and almost all residents in this area speak English. It gets busy early in the evening, around 6:00 PM, with the many bars and pubs that stay open until 2:00 AM or even later.

Bui Vien walking street
Today, the streets and alleys around Bui Vien have become a backpacker district, filled with restaurants, cafes, hotels, hostels, bars and pubs.

Bui Vien walking streetIn the weekend, only in the evening, the streets ban all motorised traffic and it turns into Bui Vien walking street. And without the traffic, the atmosphere is at its best. But even during weekdays at night, the streets are so busy, that motorbikes and cars are always stuck in the crowd. The pavement is used to extent the restaurants and bars and people use the street to walk. Taxi’s often refuse driving in the street at night to drop off quest.

A visit to Bui Vien walking street is recommended, even if you don’t like the craziness and parties.

Nightlife in Bui Vien street

At the start of the evening you can choose to sit on the side of the road on a plastic chair with a beer in one hand and in the other hand eat food from a street food stall.

nightlife in Bui Vien areaLater in the evening you can visit one of the bars. Bars and pubs are scattered throughout the backpacker districts yet those on Bui Vien are the most attractive for most.