A O Show

A O Show

A O Show fabricates and depicts in artistic ways the ambiance and the lifelike activities of Vietnam in the countryside and the country’s urbanization. Many props and cultural images from typical Vietnamese life will feel familiar to audiences who may have encountered the traditional wet markets, fishing baskets and the bamboo bridges elsewhere in Vietnam. The show integrates Acrobatics and Contemporary dance to entertain viewers both young and old.

A blend of Bamboo Cirque, Acrobatic Acts and Contemporary Dance.Music is composed exclusively for the show by the use of 17 Vietnamese musical instruments.

A O Show is performed at Opera House. In 2012, the iconic architecture of the city with 117 years old Opera House was honored a National Relic, it has become a favorite stop of tourists but not many of them have had the opportunity to see its beauty from the inside.


– Price: VND 630.000

– Show time: 18:00 & 20:00

– Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.

– Location: Opera House